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Why People working in Sales and Marketing need well-written Content

Are you working in sales and marketing? If so, you understand how important it is to have good content to work with when selling to prospective customers.  What I mean by 'good content' is content that is readable, concise, clear and coherent. Content that you can be proud of.  For brochures, capability statements and other marketing collateral, the content should be able to persuade the reader to take action, whether it be requesting a quote or seeking out more information. The marketing material, like capability statements, should complement the sales person's techniques and approach to selling, no hinder them.  Indeed,  we can all agree that attention spans are decreasing. As Matthew Coppola from Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions pointed out, that presenting a prospect with an exhaustive 24-page document that reads like a technical manual probably isn’t going to produce the desired result. There are a time and a place for detailed service offerings and dem