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  “Tell me about yourself” is a job interview question that is guaranteed to come up in most of your job interviews. Since it’s often the first question to be asked in an interview, it’s your big chance to make a first impression. Many job searchers hate the “Tell me about yourself” question,” and as a result, don’t know how to prepare and don’t know how to give a strong answer. However, if you prepare correctly, there’s no reason to dread this question. In fact, this question is an opening for you to set the tone of the job interview and emphasize the points that you most want this potential employer to know about you. Don’t waste the opportunity by simply diving into a long recitation of your resume. This also isn’t the time to mention that you love dancing and bingo. Instead, try a concise, enthusiastic response that summarises your big-picture fit for the job. Why Interviewers Use “Tell Me About Yourself” When the interviewer asks you, “Tell me about yourself”, it’s an easy and op
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What EVERY Sydney Resident Must Know About Getting Work

Finding work in Sydney can be challenging. But, it doesn't have to be. Help for job seekers is available from Client Centric ( ) It's an enormous city in Australia and home to millions of professionals from all walks of life. It's expensive in many parts of the state to live and there is so much competition that job seekers have to face to secure gainful employment. I would like every resident of Sydney to know that help is here. By way of help, I mean professional services aimed at helping job seekers stand out, make an impression and get ahead in an ultra-competitive New South Wales labour market. ClientCentric is an Australian professional employment services business which provide a range of services to job seekers, such as CV development , cover letter writing , interview preparation , LinkedIn profile writing and more.  For example, many New South Wales Government jobs in Teaching, Nursing, Education, Health Care, Government, Public Service

Why People working in Sales and Marketing need well-written Content

Are you working in sales and marketing? If so, you understand how important it is to have good content to work with when selling to prospective customers.  What I mean by 'good content' is content that is readable, concise, clear and coherent. Content that you can be proud of.  For brochures, capability statements and other marketing collateral, the content should be able to persuade the reader to take action, whether it be requesting a quote or seeking out more information. The marketing material, like capability statements, should complement the sales person's techniques and approach to selling, no hinder them.  Indeed,  we can all agree that attention spans are decreasing. As Matthew Coppola from Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions pointed out, that presenting a prospect with an exhaustive 24-page document that reads like a technical manual probably isn’t going to produce the desired result. There are a time and a place for detailed service offerings and dem

Should you use the same cover letter for every job applied?

When we are job searching, we usually apply for more than one job. Many people send a generic and standard letter and send it out to all positions they want to apply for. This is a quicker and easier option; however, it could also not capture the attention of the employer. When you tailor your cover letter for each application, it demonstrates to the employer that you want to work for their organisation and what you can bring to the role, which will persuade them to consider you. Get your CV and cover letter professionally written by the experts at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions . Offering a professional CV and cover letter writing service for individuals of all levels and industries.

What is a Cover Letter and Do I Need One

A cover letter is a document of introduction that is accompanied by your resume. It is written to the person or organisation offering the job you are applying for. The letter should introduce you, provide a little background and persuade the person reading it to your resume. This document should be submitted with every job application unless specified otherwise. Are you currently searching for work or would like to move on to a new job? Client Centric can help by professionally writing for you a tailored cover letter. For more information, please visit:

Five Things Recruiters Cannot Stand With Resumes

Recruiters would see hundreds of thousands of resumes a month and along with that, the same issues with multiple resumes every time.  Your application holds the key to getting an interview because how your CV looks and comes across will directly reflect on your professionalism and motivation. Client Centric knows about best practice in recruitment, as we do offer a recruitment service to our clients. So, what are these mistakes that recruiters can’t stand? 1. Spelling errors, typos, and poor grammar. What this says to the recruiter is you don’t care and lack skills in written communication, attention to detail and more. 2. Too task-oriented – it reads like a job description, neglecting to explain relevant accomplishments. The recruiter and employer want to know what you can do for them, and they will only know this when you describe your accomplishments. 3. Incorrect dates or missing dates. Dates on a resume are incredibly important; if the dates are missing or incorrect, this will ri

Melbourne Professional Resume Writing Service

Offering a professional resume and cover letter writing service for clients in Melbourne, Victoria and surrounding areas. Welcome to Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions ( ). Are you searching for work? Keen to move on to other job? Would like a career change? Our team at Client Centric can professionally write for you a new and tailored CV and cover letter designed to highlight and promote your skills and experience.  What to expect A professionally written and expertly worded CV and cover letter designed to highlight and promote your skills and experience. We incorporate what employers in your field are asking for by undertaking thorough research into your roles and industry.  The first part of your resume will include a selling speil. Following from this will include your core competenices, skills, experience summary and employment history and education details.  Your resume will be well structured and easy to follow. What we require We will need a