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What EVERY Sydney Resident Must Know About Getting Work

Finding work in Sydney can be challenging. But, it doesn't have to be. Help for job seekers is available from Client Centric (

It's an enormous city in Australia and home to millions of professionals from all walks of life. It's expensive in many parts of the state to live and there is so much competition that job seekers have to face to secure gainful employment.

I would like every resident of Sydney to know that help is here. By way of help, I mean professional services aimed at helping job seekers stand out, make an impression and get ahead in an ultra-competitive New South Wales labour market. ClientCentric is an Australian professional employment services business which provide a range of services to job seekers, such as CV development, cover letter writing, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile writing and more. 

For example, many New South Wales Government jobs in Teaching, Nursing, Education, Health Care, Government, Public Services and Administration require applicants to address a set of key selection criteria. ClientCentric are Sydney's premier key selection criteria writers which pride themselves on writing responses that are personalised, tailored, concise, clear, relevant and engaging. 

In one of my articles entitled: "Is It Possible To Find Job Security?"  I mentioned that a person has found some level of 'job security' when there is a high probability that they will either hold down a job with a single employer for a very job time (decades of years) or if they do lose a job, they can quickly secure new employment in their line of work within a matter of weeks, because of how 'in-demand' their job is.

The question many ask, is whether or not it's possible to find job security in today's job market?

If you want a particular job, you must tailor your application. Your CV and cover letter should be tailored for that specific job. Both documents must highlight the skills and experience you have to offer relevant to the position.


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