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The 4 Best Sites To Use When Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

Here is my list which I think are the 4 best websites to help with updating your LinkedIn profile.

Having an online presence is more important than ever today. We live in a world so connected. We can engage and communicate with each other no matter where we live, from Amsterdam to Sydney, the internet means the biggest barrier to communication that has faced mankind for centuries is now a dead memory. We are more connected than ever before!

Which is why I have put together a list for those professionals who are at the point of updating their LinkedIn profile whether to get their name out or network online with like-minded professionals in their industry. 

Client Centric can professionally revamp your LinkedIn profile. They will write up a strong career objective/summary, outline and promote all your relevant skills and experience, ensure the right keywords are in place and work to maximise the full potential of your profile. They have been revamping LinkedIn profiles for many years, working with clients from all different backgrounds and professions. One would say that they are the experts. And that's definitely for sure. The results and testimonials from past clientele speak for itself. 

The great thing about this site is the resources available for individuals seeking help with updating and revamping their profile. If you come across any difficulties, this is a good place to start. 

What I love about this article is just how informative it is. It also gives you an insight into the mind of a recruiter and what they will be looking for. The site has a great reputation too.

Matthew Coppola is an Australian career and employment specialist. He regularly writes new and relevant articles on various topics including career development, workplace issue management, resume and cover letter writing, interview technique and more. Visit his blog today for more information.



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